Face FS, Spirit Of Resilience / Farglivert…

Face FS, Spirit Of Resilience / Farglivert…

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Face FS Farglivert

The artist painter Avella Bagur, usually presents oil paintings confronting standardization of our era and singularity of each human in his Face FS series. This time explores the painful memory of Auschwitz Birkenau with large sculptures. Taking as a basis the sentence of a Sonderkommando (Zalmen Gradowski – the manuscript was found by Russian army in the ashes near of the crematoriums of the concentration camp): “Our tears were frozen” (hence the title of the exhibition: Face FS Farglivert = Frozen in Yiddish). The artist has created sculptures of large format staged steeped in contemplation and monumentality. The exhibition of his works was in a Templar castle in the South of France. The ambience of the place, old walls, as well as light intended by the artist gave to the works, power and visual efficiency. – Face FS Farglivert, 350x250x250 cm,  resin, steel, lamp, 2014. – Face FS KL, 350x250x250 cm, concrete, steel, resine, ashes, lamp, barbed wired, 2014. – Face FS La châsse de l’Homme, wood, steel, resin, neons, Leds, 2012. Here are a few pictures:

Face FS Farglivert Face FS Farglivert KL La ChâsseFace FS KL 6Face FSt KL La Châsse Aborted detail